Groundbreaking Validation in AI-Driven Preventative Care

Healwell AI Inc., a trailblazer in artificial intelligence for preventative care, proudly announces a significant breakthrough by its subsidiary, Pentavere Research Group. They have achieved a major milestone with the publication of a pivotal paper that endorses the use of generative AI for identifying rare lung cancer patients, marking a significant advancement in the field of precision oncology.

The paper, titled "Real-world Outcomes of Patients with Advanced Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor-Mutated Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer in Canada Using Data Extracted by Large Language Model-Based Artificial Intelligence," is the first peer-reviewed study of its kind. It showcases the potential of AI and large language models (LLMs) in transforming cancer diagnosis and treatment by using real-world electronic health record data to improve patient outcomes.

Aaron Leibtag, CEO of Pentavere, expressed his enthusiasm about the breakthrough, stating, "This achievement is not just a testament to Pentavere’s innovation in healthcare but also a beacon for future AI applications in addressing critical healthcare challenges. Our use of generative AI has already started to redefine the landscape of patient care in oncology."

Dr. Alexander Dobranowski, CEO of HEALWELL, added, "The validation of our generative AI in such a prestigious publication underscores our commitment to enhancing healthcare through technology. This research is not only a cornerstone of our AI endeavors but also a step forward in setting new industry benchmarks."

Pentavere’s research has enabled the extraction of one of the largest datasets of patients with advanced rare EGFRexon20 lung cancer, using it as a foundation for Real World Evidence. This evidence is crucial for uncovering unmet needs and enhancing cancer treatment protocols. Notably, the study was co-authored by leading experts from Johnson & Johnson Innovative Medicine and renowned oncologists from the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, highlighting its wide-reaching implications and collaborative effort.

This pioneering work by Pentavere demonstrates the effective application of AI in sifting through extensive unstructured clinical data to unearth valuable insights that can propel forward precision medicine initiatives.

As HEALWELL continues to innovate and push the boundaries of technology in healthcare, this publication not only reinforces its leadership in AI applications but also enhances its role in improving global patient care outcomes. For more details on HEALWELL and its revolutionary work, please visit HEALWELL's website.

About Healwell AI

HEALWELL AI Inc. is dedicated to revolutionizing healthcare through the power of artificial intelligence and data science. With a focus on preventative care, HEALWELL aims to improve healthcare quality and save lives through the early identification and detection of diseases. The company’s proprietary technology aids healthcare providers in diagnosing both rare and chronic diseases, thereby optimizing patient health outcomes.

About Pentavere Research Group

Pentavere Research Group is an award-winning AI digital health company known for its superior AI engine, DARWEN™, which identifies patients eligible for specific treatments or interventions. This capability not only improves patient outcomes but also supports the growth and penetration of appropriate therapies. For additional information, please visit Pentavere's website.

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