February 9, 2024

Transforming Clean Energy into Advanced Bitcoin Mining

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July 12, 2024

Transforming Clean Energy into Advanced Bitcoin Mining

In the heart of Québec, Canada, SATO, a pioneering Bitcoin mining company, is setting a new standard for the industry. Leveraging 20 MW of renewable Hydro Energy, SATO has transformed this clean power source into nearly 0.6 EH/s (exahash per second) of clean mining power. This remarkable achievement not only showcases the potential for sustainable energy in cryptocurrency mining but also positions SATO as a leader in environmentally friendly mining operations.

100% Self-Mining: A Testament to Independence and Efficiency

SATO's commitment to sustainability is matched by its dedication to self-reliance. By powering its high-capacity computation center entirely with renewable energy, SATO ensures a 100% self-mining operation. This strategy allows for complete control over the infrastructure, enabling the team to efficiently manage over 5,500 computers dedicated to Bitcoin mining. Recognized globally for its efficiency, SATO stands out as one of the world's most effective public Bitcoin mining entities.

A Diverse and Skilled Team Driving Innovation

At the core of SATO's success is a diverse team of professionals, including technology entrepreneurs, electricity and ventilation experts, finance specialists with a deep understanding of crypto-mining, and seasoned Canadian industrialists. This multidisciplinary team is united by a common goal: to achieve unparalleled performance at scale. Their expertise in technology and industrial operations enables SATO to navigate the complex landscape of Bitcoin mining with agility and foresight.

Excellence in Performance and Hashrate Optimization

SATO's approach to mining efficiency is rooted in over five years of experience in site development, building, and operating data centers with a specific focus on electrical and IT infrastructure. The team's on-site competency and certification on Antminer, coupled with their own repair center, underscore their commitment to maintaining high standards of operation and hashrate optimization.

Environmental Efficiency: A Circular Approach to Heat Reuse

One of the most innovative aspects of SATO's operation is its commitment to environmental efficiency. The company goes beyond just using renewable energy by also reusing the heat generated from its mining activities. This not only reduces waste but also demonstrates how cryptocurrency mining can contribute positively to environmental sustainability.

Operational Excellence: In-House Design and Optimization

SATO's operational excellence is evident in the design, operation, and optimization of its data centers. With a dedicated engineering and maintenance team, SATO ensures that its facilities are at the forefront of efficiency and sustainability. The company's in-house approach to managing its operations allows for continuous improvement and adaptation to the evolving needs of the Bitcoin mining industry.


SATO's journey in transforming clean energy into nearly 0.6 EH/s of clean mining power is a testament to what can be achieved when innovation meets sustainability. Through its 100% self-mining operation, diverse and skilled team, and commitment to environmental efficiency, SATO is not only advancing the Bitcoin mining industry but also setting a new standard for how businesses can operate sustainably. As the world continues to seek solutions for sustainable energy use, SATO's model serves as a beacon of possibility, demonstrating the potential for harmonizing technological advancement with environmental stewardship.

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