Achieving Promising Lithium Results at Yellowknife Lithium Project

Li-FT Power Ltd. (LIFT), a pioneering mineral exploration firm, is delighted to share the latest assay results from its extensive drill program at the Yellowknife Lithium Project (YLP) in Northwest Territories. This recent exploration, focusing on the BIG West, Nite, and Ki pegmatites near Yellowknife, has unveiled significant lithium oxide (Li2O) concentrations, highlighting the project's potential for lithium extraction.

Noteworthy Drill Results:

  • At the Ki pegmatite, drill hole YLP-0184 revealed a 13-meter section with a Li2O concentration of 1.11%.
  • Drill hole YLP-0171 at Ki pegmatite reported a 12-meter interval at 1.21% Li2O.
  • The Nite pegmatite showed a promising outcome with YLP-0152 intersecting 5 meters at 1.24% Li2O.

Drill Program Insights:

The latest drilling campaign comprised ten holes targeting the Ki, BIG West, and Nite pegmatite complexes. These results extend the known mineralization within the project, particularly with hole YLP-0184, which confirms spodumene presence across 900 meters of strike length at the Ki site. Francis MacDonald, CEO of LIFT, expressed enthusiasm for the project's progress and the potential for further discoveries in the upcoming winter 2024 drill program.

Pegmatite Complexes Overview:

  • Ki Pegmatite: Characterized by a north-northwest trending corridor, this pegmatite extends over 1.3 km on the surface and hosts multiple dykes with significant lithium concentrations.
  • Nite Pegmatite: This complex comprises north-northeast trending dykes, exposed over a 1.4 km strike length, showcasing varied lithium grades across different sections.
  • BIG West Pegmatite: Featuring a northeast-trending corridor, the BIG West complex has been explored through several drill holes, with some indicating notable lithium values.

About LIFT:

Li-FT Power Ltd. is at the forefront of lithium pegmatite exploration in Canada, with its flagship Yellowknife Lithium Project positioned to play a significant role in the burgeoning lithium market. In addition to the Yellowknife project, LIFT holds promising early-stage exploration properties in Quebec and the Cali Project within the Little Nahanni Pegmatite Group, Northwest Territories. The company's strategic focus on critical mineral exploration underscores its commitment to contributing to the clean energy transition.

LIFT's latest drilling achievements at the Yellowknife Lithium Project underscore the project's potential as a significant lithium resource. With continued exploration and development, LIFT aims to establish a robust foundation for lithium production in Canada, contributing to the global demand for this essential battery material.

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