Revolutionary Shift to AI in Cancer Drug Discovery

Rakovina Therapeutics Inc., a pioneer in the development of innovative DNA-damage response inhibitor therapeutics, is excited to announce a strategic transformation in its operational approach. This evolution places the company at the cutting edge of artificial intelligence (AI)-driven precision medicine, particularly in the realm of cancer drug development research.

Through a landmark collaboration agreement with Dr. Artem Cherkasov, Rakovina Therapeutics has secured exclusive access to the proprietary Deep Docking AI Platform. Dr. Cherkasov, a respected professor at the University of British Columbia (UBC) and a senior scientist at the Vancouver Prostate Centre, brings his considerable expertise to Rakovina, having joined the company’s scientific advisory board in November 2023.

The Deep Docking platform is at the forefront of AI technology, enabling Rakovina to efficiently sift through billions of molecular structures. This rigorous analytical process identifies promising candidates for targeted cancer drugs, which are then further validated using Rakovina's robust R&D infrastructure. This innovative method underscores a new direction in the creation of drug therapies aimed at combating DNA-damage response-related vulnerabilities prevalent across various cancer types.

Jeffrey Bacha, Executive Chair of Rakovina, articulated the significance of this strategic shift, "This evolution in our business model is a monumental stride forward in fulfilling Rakovina’s mission. The Deep Docking AI Platform's ability to expediently screen vast numbers of drug candidates against validated DNA-damage response targets is revolutionary. This process not only forecasts the safety, efficacy, and pharmaceutical properties of these candidates but also enables us to progress the most promising ones through human clinical trials and pharmaceutical partnerships."

Under the guidance of Rakovina’s Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Mads Daugaard, the company is privileged to leverage both Dr. Cherkasov’s expertise and the established research infrastructure in partnership with UBC. "We are eager to divulge further details to our shareholders in our upcoming conference call," Bacha added.

Since its inception in 2021, Rakovina Therapeutics has been steadfast in its mission to transform and extend the lives of individuals battling cancer. The company recognizes the critical role of the DNA-damage response in maintaining genomic integrity and its association with the development and progression of many cancers. Rakovina is committed to pioneering targeted therapies that offer a new lease on life to those resistant to conventional treatments.

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