June 5, 2024

Uranium Player Announces Listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange

Disseminated on behalf of Generation Uranium. 
July 12, 2024

Uranium Player Announces Listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange

Generation Uranium is pleased to announce the listing of its common shares on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (“FSE”) under the symbol “W85”. This milestone, which officially took place on April 26th, marks a significant step in the Company’s strategic expansion into European investment markets.

The Frankfurt Stock Exchange, recognized as a prominent European listing venue, facilitates around 90 percent of all securities traded within Germany. Companies that list on the FSE aim to enhance shareholder accessibility and create investment opportunities for a global audience.

“We are excited about Generation’s entry into the European capital markets through our Frankfurt Stock Exchange listing,” stated Anthony Zelen, President and Chief Executive Officer of Generation. “As Germany’s premier stock exchange, this listing marks a significant milestone in our efforts to expand our reach with investors overseas. Listing on the FSE should serve to increase liquidity and our visibility on a global scale.”

Generation Uranium is involved in the exploration and development of mineral resources. It has an option to acquire a 60% interest in the Arlington Property, situated in the Arrow Boundary District of south-central British Columbia, and holds a 100% interest in the Yath Uranium Project, located in Nunavut.


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